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Animation de Logo

Many studies have shown that video is the best promotional tool.

In today's digital world

attention is the new currency. Everyone is running for attention. It is true that the money flows where the attention goes.

Brands and companies are fighting and competing with each other for attention. They experiment with all the techniques to grab the attention of potential consumers and generate leads from them.

Logos are here to stay.

. The era of creative, thoughtful logos begins in the 1950s. Paul Rand designed IBM’s iconic and pictographic logo, depicting a human eye and a bee. Most logo historians consider this event to be a turning point in the history of logo design.

But here is a question that arises. Are logos still effective in proving brand loyalty or in conveying a story to the viewer?

The answer is yes. They’re still in the game, but there’s one more thing that takes the brand’s game to another level. This is the logo animation.

Les réseaux sociaux.

People spend a lot of time there. Animated logos can be converted into GIFs, thus becoming effective material for social display, so that they can be shared on social media.

Animated logos

can be used on your business website to grab the attention of your visitors and leave a positive impression on them.

Promotions. You can use animated logos in your promotional items, sales pages, and sales videos to grab attention and get viewers to listen to the message.

animation graphique

Color, Symbol, Information

animation de logo

logo graphique animé

animated graphic

Authenticity, Nature, Tradition