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Flyers are a colossal stake in history. From kings and nobles of previous centuries to modern business today, everyone uses flyers because of how efficiently they convey messages. If we look to the past, flyers are of great importance. They were used in world wars, political movements and socio-religious campaigns. People still use them today in demonstrations or campaigns.


We have a specific action plan for prospectuses


  • Title : The headline we create is the first line of attack in your flyer. Think about what you most want your customers to find out in your flyer.

  • Objectives : We determine the purpose of your flyer or brochure and what will happen once the flyers are produced and distributed.

  • The contents : Content is very important when it comes to a prospectus; we’ve been careful not to use long, drawn-out sentences or large blocks of text.

  • Design : The overall design of a flyer is important because it complements the text and the message and really catches the attention of potential customers.

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So, what is a prospectus?

A flyer is usually a single, unfolded printed sheet with a simple, easy-to-understand message. They can be printed on one or two sides. Response flyers are intended to respond to inquiries and details of a trademark – used in-store for potential customers prior to purchase.

Some of you are wondering why flyers have been so important throughout history? After all, it’s just a piece of paper with words on it.

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