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Reading has always remained the priority of man since the earliest times. The majority of people find pleasure in studying books. Man has written a variety of books on almost every subject under this sky. We can discover different horizons of life by reading a book. The best part about reading a book is that we have the opportunity to put our life in the shoes of a character and thus interact with other characters.

From ancient times until today, people have shown great interest in the culture of reading. Today, with the increase in the ease of use of the Internet, books are being moved to electronic books or eBooks.

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  • If you are concerned with writing an eBook, you must be able to deal with this huge competition. Attention is the new currency of the internet. You must capture the attention of visitors and draw sub-sequential leads. Attention spans are short, and it’s crucial to instantly convey the style and feel of your book with just a glance. For this you need to have a compelling design for your eBooks.

  • Did you know that they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? Well, as true as it may be, many ignore this advice and judge a book by its design. It’s the design that makes the first impression. Those who say that only the interior matters are wrong.

  • The only reason a customer takes the book into their own hands is the creativity of the cover design, especially in a market environment where every e-book is presented face-to-face.

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Book covers pose a dilemma

The author of a book does not write books. He writes manuscripts. The design of a book cover involves putting the writer’s manuscript in the hands of a reader by materializing it, giving it a form. A successful book cover should make the reader feel the manuscript rather than telling it.

Here is a concrete example. In a bookstore, many people choose a book whose cover gives them vibes, radiating energy towards them and persuading them to open. You won’t choose a plant book whose cover doesn’t resonate with plants. It’s human psychology.

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